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Taxiphone, a cooperative of taxi operators in the Lausanne area

Our employees have a fleet of new and cared vehicles (sedans, station wagons, minivans VIP) and offer perfect and advantageous services. 


Phone exchange 24 / 24h every day of the year.

Call 021 653 13 13 or 0844 810 810  to order a car. From that moment, our operators will do the best to find you a vehicle you specifying the serving time (the number of minutes for the car arriving at the location you specified) and that, 24hours / 24 and 365 days / 365. 
Usually, our service time is about five minutes to the city of Lausanne and from eight to twelve minutes for the Lausanne’s region.


Discover our card benefits

  • Child Transport
  • VIP Transfer
  • Transfer Switzerland-Europe
  • Consignment transport
  • Transportation of medical equipment
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